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Founded in Tulum, Mexico in 2019, Bula.MX is the first importer of high quality kratom and kava into Mexico. Our flagship kava bar, Bula Tulum Kava & Kratom, is located in the hotel zone of Tulum Beach in Quintana Roo. Since 2019 we have been importing only the highest quality Medical Grade Kratom and the best kava available on the market into Mexico. 

Primarily we have been a wholesale provider to some of the finest establishments in all of Mexico, but now we have launched the most comprehensive kratom and kava online marketplace ever assembled. Our connections that we developed while building the now famous Bula Tulum Kava & Kratom Bar have enabled us to become the undisputed king of kratom and kava in Mexico and beyond. We are opening our vaults to you now with Bula.MX where you can buy anything kava or kratom related with ease and the knowledge that our products are the safest and strongest available. 

Our philosophy has always been about relationships. Be kind to your brotherman and it's crazy how many doors open. Result so far is that we are sourcing the world's finest botanicals and sharing them with good people while along the way we create, innovate and ground break!! Our signature line of products as well as anything we learn and can teach is yours for the taking. 


Bula Tulum has been actively working with the COFEPRIS and Mexican government to both study kratom and to develop never before seen kratom beverages and products. Our Bula Tulum Libations and Hard Seltzers are game changers in the adult beverage and fitness industries. We are the first company globally to have a government approved kratom beverage and have effectively set new precedents that the American Kratom Association has been watching to protect kratom users around the world from unfair government regulations. We see the next phase in our growth leading us into the growing of the kratom trees and the development of a multitude of medications. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking and innovating from us soon as we actively seek investment to grow on a global stage. Thank you and Bula!!

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Alita R. 

Wellness Director

Design Hotels

The Buyer represents that he or she is at least 18 years of age.

By clicking the Terms and Agreement checkbox at time of checkout the Buyer represents they are 18 years of age or older, that all personal information the Buyer gives is true and accurate pertaining to the identity and physical address of the Buyer.

Pregnant and lactating women should not use kratom products.

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